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Art & Design

Subject Lead - Mrs Tanya Kevern, 01805 623531 Ext. 344

Teachers - Mrs Michelle Witney


Welcome to the Art and Design department at GTS.
A creative, colourful, vibrant, sometimes messy, sometimes quiet reflective space which fosters independent and creative learning.

We offer a comprehensive KS3 curriculum and are a popular KS4 choice.
The department consists of 2 art teachers.




Pupils learn, through practical experience, to demonstrate knowledge and show an understanding of sources that inform their creative intentions.

Pupils develop and apply a range of relevant subject specific skills to use visual language to communicate personal ideas.

To become critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds by actively engaging in the creative process of art.

To develop a creative mind-set that can be transferred into their lifelong learning and experiences.



Curriculum and Qualifications 


KS3 Curriculum

Pupils should be taught to develop their creativity and ideas and increase proficiency in their execution. They should develop a critical understanding of artists, craftspeople, and designers, expressing reasoned judgements that can inform their own work.


Year 7 pupils are introduced to the formal elements: line, value, shape form, colour, pattern, texture, and composition. These will form the building blocks to enable pupils develop as young artists. They will investigate and research the work of artists which will lead to a creative response and outcomes.


Year 8 has a strong drawing and painting element, where skills will be fine-tuned. There will be a range of different approaches, techniques, and materials. We may change the theme from year to year but the concepts for the creative journey remain.


Year 9 pupils build upon their art experience to become more independent, take risks, make informed decisions about their own work. Pupils are addressing much more complex ideas and processes as a vehicle to communicate their ideas and responses.


KS4 Curriculum

Currently we offer the AQA Fine Art qualification in Art & Design. This includes a coursework portfolio which is 60% and an Exam which is 40% of the final grade. Pupils can use this course as a foundation for further art courses at college, university or working towards a career in the creative industries. 


You can follow GTS artwork on Instagram GTS Art (@gtsartteacher)

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