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Our mission statement: Dream, Believe, Achieve is at the heart of the school’s ethos. As a result, pupils will not just leave GTS with a strong set of relevant academic qualifications, but will have developed their own ‘Dreams’, built confidence to ‘Believe’ in themselves to successfully ‘Achieve’ their short and long term goals.

GTS aims to become a truly ‘value based’ school which strives to nurture the individual talents of all its learners in order to build resilience and raise aspirations. We aim to provide the best possible facilities that will inspire and facilitate learning. Everything we do is focused at achieving our core purpose: ‘to inspire confident learners who will have the skills, qualities and qualifications to thrive in our changing world’.

We endeavour to develop the knowledge of our learners through a challenging, broad and skilfully created curriculum. Through both our curriculum and further opportunities, pupils will develop a range of personal and learning skills that will enable them to think independently and enjoy their learning journey throughout their school career and beyond.

We will nurture relationships in order to create a family of healthy, happy learners ‘where error is welcomed as a learning opportunity’ and where respect for self and others allows everyone to ‘feel safe to learn, re-learn,and explore knowledge and understanding’*. Pupils will learn to accept responsibility not only through leadership opportunities, but also in their role within GTS and beyond.

GTS will be at the heart of the local community, meeting the diverse needs of all our learners with the support of all our stakeholders, especially parents.  We will ensure that learning and teaching is informed by best practice and research which will enable us to take innovative risks with confidence to achieve successful outcomes.

*Hattie, J. (2009) Visible Learning, London Routledge

SEND Local Offer

We are committed to ensuring that all children and young people have a good start in life. Some children and young people have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and these differing needs mean varied levels of support may be required at different times.

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Urgent Letter

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Posted on: 22/06/2021

GTS Transition 2021

It is with an extremely heavy heart that the decision has been made to cancel all transition activities at GTS this term. This includes Transition Week (22nd June-25th June), extended transition (Year 6) and the Year 5 day (Friday 2nd July). As I am sure you can appreciate this is not a decision that has been made lightly, however after seeking external advice we have been directed not to proceed. As yet we have no further update on our Summer School activities (16th August- 19th August)

We are absolutely devastated not to be able to offer the transition we were all hoping for, but as with many things in the current climate we are having to remain flexible, with the safety of all our families as our priority.

We will be offering a ‘Virtual Transition’ package (similar to last year) all of which will be on our website. I urge you to regularly visit our website and follow us on social media to ensure you are kept up to date.

We thank you for your understanding and patience in these challenging times.

Posted on: 17/06/2021


Apologies for the late notice, but unfortunately we have had to reach the decision for ALL YEAR 10 pupils to stay at home tomorrow (17/6/21). Having previously reached the decision today (in discussion with DCC, PHE and SWHPT) that it was appropriate for Year 10 to remain at school, we have tonight received notification of a further case within the year group. Therefore, the decision has been to isolate the entire Year group.

We will write again tomorrow with regard to return dates but in the meantime please keep your child at home. Household members do not need to self-isolate unless someone returns a positive LFD test, PCR test or becomes symptomatic. Please continue to test regularly. Please notify us of any positive result immediately via covidcontact@gts.devon.sch.uk.

Pupils should remain at home as they are now considered to be proximity contacts and therefore at risk of transmitting COVID-19.

Work will be available via the school website in the first instance.

Posted on: 16/06/2021

Prom Delay

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Posted on: 23/06/2021

COVID-19 Precautions

You may be aware that there have been a number of cases of COVID-19 across a range of north Devon schools. We are currently in the process of determining whether there is any need to ask pupils to be collected from GTS and isolate.

At this point, there is no indication that any pupil who had direct contact with an individual who has COVID-19, has come into school.

However, you will appreciate that this is a complex situation and we are currently trying to establish all facts and possible contacts. We have therefore taken the precautionary measure of asking pupils to wear masks in lesson, and around school, until we are as confident as we can be regarding possible cases.

Best wishes,

Andy Bloodworth

Posted on: 15/06/2021

National Theatre Connections 2021

Our Year 10 Drama students here at GTS have a long tradition in taking part of the National Theatre Connections programme, which usually culminates in us visiting the Theatre Royal in Plymouth to act on one of the stages there.

Unfortunately, this was not possible last year, so this year the National Theatre has been working on ensuring the Connections festival would be able to proceed no matter what. To this end, all the National Theatre Connections productions (including the one featuring our very own GTS Troupe) are all available to view on the National Theatre website by signing up for a free Festival Season Ticket.

GTS's Pike and Musket group are performing the play The IT by Vivienne Franzmann.

After the festival is over, our performance will be made available on the school's YouTube channel.

To read more about the Festival, and the play GTS's very own Pike and Musket are performing, please click here.

Posted on: 09/06/2021


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