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Year 7 - Vincent Van Gogh

Introduction to the artist Vincent Van Gogh and an opportunity to develop your drawing skills through mark making.

Watch the tutorial and follow instructions below: 


Year 8 - Creature Illustrations 

Watch our tutorial to show you how to develop ideas on how to create your own illustrations of creatures that have been merged. This will develop imagination as well as drawing skills. 

Year 9 - Drawing Eyes

Watch our eye drawing tutorial to understand the structure of the eye and how to draw them realistically.

Your page should show the five steps and further eye studies to embed your learning. This will develop your drawing skills.

Year 10 - Out of Place


This term you will be doing a project based on Out of Place


Explore this concept (idea).


Write a list of words that connect to this theme (type the words into a search engine and there will be lots of synonyms).


EXAMPLES: out of position · out of order · in disorder · disarranged · in disarray · disorganized · in a mess · messy · topsy-turvy · muddled


Create a mind map page that combines images, words and drawings all about OUT of PLACE.


Investigate some mind map pages for inspiration.


Mind map pages in sketchbooks - Bing images


Year 11 - Development work for Urban & Rural Decay


Suggested tasks for this independent project.


  • Developing Ideas: Continue to develop a range of possible ideas for your final piece. A series of thumbnail sketches exploring the theme. 
  • Complete any unfinished pages so far. (Title Page, mood board, mind map, drawings and artist’s work.
  • Explore the work of another artist. Focus on finding an artist who uses techniques that you want to investigate and experiment with for your own work.
  • Further drawing and studies of Rural and Urban Decay.


Remember your ideas should be original. Work towards a final Idea.

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