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Core PE Lessons

The following link should be used by all pupils to access the relevant information: 

For all examples, learning could be (not an exhaustive list) a poster, mind map, bullet points, presentation etc. Once learnt, pupils should go back to the relevant page and complete the ‘test’.


  • Learn all the major bones
  • Learn all the major muscles 
  • Learn the short and long term effects of exercise on the body
  • Learn the components of fitness and their definitions
  • Learn the methods of training and their key features
  • Learn the principles of training and their definitions
  • Learn about how to construct a Personal Exercise Programme (PEP)


Year 10 GCSE PE 


Work through pages 47 - 59 of the revision guide one at a time and make notes. 

After you have made notes on a page, go to the corresponding page in the workbook and complete the questions. Finally, self-mark your work and DIRT any incorrect answers with the correct answers using purple pen. 


Year 11 GCSE PE - Revision

Use the RAG sheet which was given to you in your lesson – focus on revising those areas which you have identified as having the biggest gaps.

Make flash cards and revise using your revision guide and BBC bitesize. Make use of your revision workbook to have a go at some questions as well.

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