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Code Of Conduct

Great Torrington School believes in good behaviour and achieving the best you can for yourself, your family, your tutor group, your year group and the school. Everyone has a responsibility to act safely, treat others with respect and allow others to learn. And the right to feel safe, be treated with respect, and learn.


Please follow the Great Torrington School Code Of Conduct:


  • Treat tutor bases as special - look after them, act safely and sensibly

  • Leave undesirable items at home: lighters, matches, knives etc.

  • Move carefully around the school so everyone is safe

  • Walk, keep left in corridors and follow one way systems

  • Look after property, that of others and the school

  • Take care of your health and that of others

  • Only eat or drink in the recognised areas

  • Wear and respect your school uniform

  • Put litter in the bin

  • Do not use offensive language

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