Home Access - Click Here to Log In


Home Access

This system allows home access of your files on any computer via any browser.

To login please click the link above, you can add this URL to your favorites for ease of access if desired however this should already be there on a GTS provided laptop. Use your normal school login credentials to login.

You will be able to access the N drive, W drive and (for staff only) both areas of the T drive. Simply browse the directory structure and click a file to download it locally, you can then work on it and upload it back to the network as required.

To upload / delete / copy / move and create you need to click the Manage Files button at the top right of the screen, this will then activate a number of additional buttons under the file list to allow these features.

This system works in all browsers and with all operating systems. If you do have any problems please reset your browser and delete your personal settings before contacting ICT Support.

If you require further help and assistance please contact help@gts.devon.sch.uk

Important Note - When you download files and work on them this is done locally on your computer. If you need these changes back in school you must either upload the file to the network using Manage Files mode or copy it back from your laptop in school. Files CANNOT be saved from applications directly back to the network as they could previously.