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Work for pupils isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms

The links below contain work and research suggestions from across the school curriculum



Additional Files

Mercutio Queen Monologue

Macbeth's Dagger Monologue

Lady Macbeth's Daggers and Blood Monologue

Juliet Balcony Monologue



Year 7 – Art Heist by Poltergeist
Learn and practice your performance
Consider what gestures, movement and facial expressions you will use


Year 8 – Status Update by Tim Etchells
Learn and practice your monologue
Consider what choices you will make. How will you say a particular line? How will you move, where too and why?


Year 9 – Superhero Movie Trailer
Watch a movie trailer and identify the following:

1.    How many cut points

2.    How many close ups

3.    How many wide shots

4.    What all the straplines say

5.    How much narration is use

6.    How long the longest clip is

7.    What types of transitions are used

8.    The title

9.    The release date

10.  The actors or director


Year 10 – Shakespeare Coursework
Watch your performance in Portico in W:\Performing Arts\Drama\Year 10\Shakespeare

Finish sections 1 and 3 of your coursework if you haven’t already done so in Kidblog


Year 11 – Pretzel Theatre Mock Controlled assessment
Write a script for a scene for your performance.

This should be based on the theme of ‘peace, well-being and sustainability


Year 11 – Shakespeare and ‘Tuesday’ Coursework
Finish sections 1 and 3 of your coursework if you haven’t already done so in Onedrive