Home Learning


Work for pupils isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms

The links below contain work and research suggestions from across the school curriculum

Art & Design


Year 7

Art Detectives-Stealing the Show.

Introduction to the artist Picasso-Research all you can about this artist and his work.
(Students will create an Artist Profile page as Homework)

Introduction to Cubism- Find out what this art movement is all about.

Students will create a cubist artwork, using circles/line and a pencil to add different Tone.


Year 8 (1 lesson a fortnight)

Focus on drawing from Observation.

Warm up drawing exercises. Learn how to look.

1hr observational drawing of liquorice allsorts (Approx. 4 to 5 pieces)

Focus on shape, form, line and tonal values.

In class we will apply tone with fine liner but you can work in pencil.


Year 9 (1 lesson a fortnight)

Looking at portraits. Lesson 2: Drawing a realistic eye.

Here is a video I have prepared for home learning.



Year 10

Introduction to Sustained Project. In the News 2020

The first two tasks have been uploaded onto SMHW. (Title page and Mindmap

You may want to start a new sketchbook. We have some in the art shop. A3 =£3       A4= £2


Year 11

The mock exam has now started. In class students will be working on a final piece.

You will have a series of lessons and 1 day off timetable to complete the task.

This will be part of your final GCSE grade. You can work on this at home if you are absent.

If you do not have your canvas with you, you can add research and drawings, look at artist work to enhance the project. This is valuable to the success of the project.