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Work for pupils isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms

The links below contain work and research suggestions from across the school curriculum

Art & Design

Year 7

In class we will become Art Detectives.
We will be looking into The Whitworth Gallery Art crime.

  • Research and find out all you can about this Art crime.

  • Create a page to go into your Dossier to explain in your own words the WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN of the crime. You can include images and your own artwork if you wish.

  • We will be looking at the most expensive painting ever sold at auction- find out what this paining is. Then produce an art critique about this painting.

  • You can copy the layout of this sheet to create your own page.

Year 8

You have learnt how to look and draw. 
You have explored line, tone, shape and form.
To improve your skills you need to practice regularly.

  1. SELECT a sweet object. ( This can be a wrapped sweet, an interesting biscuit or a cupcake   for example)

  2. Place your object in front of you and spend a few minutes LOOKING.

  3. Use a pencil. Keep it sharpened.

  4. DRAW what you see. Start with a light outline 

  5. Build up the tones 

  6. Look closely at the detail

You should produce a drawing that is accomplished. You should be improving on your assessment drawing in class.

Year 9

In class we are using the gridding method to draw a portrait A4 size.

The students are going to draw in biro a cultural portrait.

Look at the work of biro artist Mark Powell. Produce a drawing in biro copying one of his portraits.

Carefully develop your tonal techniques using a ball point pen (biro)

You can draw on an old envelope like the artist to make it more interesting.

Year 10

For your project In the News you are developing pages that explore the stories you are interested in from the news in 2020. Refer to your mindmap.

The pages should be informative, creative, accomplished, interesting.

The pages should include: Images, drawings, text, mixed media, and newspaper cuttings.

Research the internet for what makes a great sketchbook pages.

You can research two stories if you can’t choose which one interests you more.

Year 11

The mock exam has now started. In class students will be working on a final piece.

You will have a series of lessons and 1 day off timetable to complete the task.

This will be part of your final GCSE grade. You can work on this at home if you are absent.

If you do not have your canvas with you, you can add research and drawings, look at artist work to enhance the project. This is valuable to the success of the project.