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Work for pupils isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms

The links below contain work and research suggestions from across the school curriculum

Citizenship & PSHE


This term we are covering the following areas in PSHE and Citizenship. There are some links within these sections which might prove useful if you are absent from school. Feel free to do your own research into these topics and not just the link that I have provided.


Year 7 Citizenship

Unique me, differences & conflict, my influences, peer pressure, online safety, sexting, consequences, online legislation.



Year 8 Citizenship

Self-identity, family and identity, stereotypes, personal beliefs and judgements, managing expectations, first impressions, respect for the beliefs of others. Active listening.



Year 9 Citizenship



Year 10 Citizenship

Human rights, societal freedom, understanding safety in UK and beyond, ending relationships safely, stages of grief (EL), loss and bereavement, social media and culture, use of online data, threats to online safety, online identity, assessing and managing risk.



Year 11 Citizenship

Equality in relation to disability including hidden, consequences of not adhering to Equality Act, employers’ responsibilities, benefits of multicultural societies, impact of unfair treatment on mental health, misuse of power, campaigning for equality.



Year 7 PSHE

Stress and anxiety, managing mental health, physical activity and mental health, effects of substances, nutrition, sleep, vaccination and immunisation, importance of information on making health choices.






Year 8 PSHE

Long-term physical health, responsibility for own health, dental health, stress triggers, substances and mood, legislation associated with substances, exploitation and substances, medicine, vaccinations, immunisation Blood donation.






Year 9 PSHE

Misperceptions about young peoples’ health choices, physical and psychological effects of alcohol, alcohol and the law, alcohol dependency, drug classification, supply and possession legislation, emergency situations, first aid, CPR, substances and safety, sources of advice and support.





Year 10 PSHE

Improving health, sexual health, blood-borne infections, self-examination, diet and long-term health, misuse of prescription drugs, common mental health disorders, positive impact of volunteering, common threats to health including chronic disease, epidemics, misuse of antibiotics Organ donation Stem cells.





Year 11 PSHE

Managing anxiety and stress, exam pressure, concentration strategies, work-life balance, sexual health, hygiene, self-examination, STIs, sexual pressure, fertility, contraception, pregnancy facts and myths, identifying a range of health risks and strategies for staying safe.