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Pupil Support

When at Great Torrington School all pupils have one Class Tutor, who hopefully will be the same person for five years. Tutors hold individual meetings with pupils and parents to discuss academic progress and the general welfare of the child. The Tutor is the person you should write to if your child is absent from school or if you have any concerns about you child's education. Each team of Tutors is led by a Head of House who has overall responsibility for all pupils in their year.



We strongly believe that pupils deserve recognition for effort, service and achievement. The school therefore has a system of merit and credit awards for pupils in lower years. Pupils are also commended by staff for achievement and effort in a systematic way. Senior staff give recognition to pupils who have obtained good reports and achieved particularly well in their work or in other aspects of school life. The annual program of year-based Awards Days also aim to give full recognition of pupil achievement.



Sensible and considerate behaviour is expected of everyone at Great Torrington School. Good order means that everyone has the opportunity to progress and enjoy their learning. Our behaviour code is based on everyone observing their responsibilities and rights.



Pupils should expect the school to take sanctions for failure to complete class-work or homework or for behaviour which falls below reasonable and clear levels. The support of parents is seen as vital to the solution of any problems of misbehaviour and discipline.


We operate a system of graded sanctions ranging from short detentions or the completing of useful tasks to more serious steps for extreme lack of discipline. We undertake to contact parents personally in cases of poor behaviour. Parents are always informed if a pupil is referred to the Withdrawal Unit and exclusion is only used as a last resort or for a short, sharp shock.


School and Home

We believe that close contact and co-operation with parents is of great importance. As well as opportunities for parents to discuss progress at parents' evening, they are welcome to visit the school on a more informal basis at any time. Should problems arise parents are recommended to contact their child's Tutor or Head of House.


Record of Achievements

Pupils' Records of Achievement move with them from year to year and school to school. They show both achievements for in and out of school and for both academic and leisure pursuits. Pupils take their Record of Achievement when applying for jobs or college places, as they offer a good portfolio of their achievements in school and the wider world.


Extra Curricular Activities

The school operates a wide range of extra curricular activities, which pupils are strongly advised to participate in. The school has a fine reputation for it's dramatic, musical and sporting performances.



Assemblies provide opportunities for worship, celebration of achievement, the communication of important values and effective means of passing on information. Assemblies usually take place once a week in year groups.


School Visits and Residential Experiences

We see educational and group visits as an important part of a pupil's personal development. We offer a varied range of excursions, including foreign and recreational trips. When visits are in school times parents have a right to withdraw their children, but this is discouraged.


Working with Others

The school is part of the wider Torrington and North Devon communities and is committed to supporting and working with them. The links with other local education establishments are very strong and the school works very closely both the primary schools and PETROC, the region's main college of further education.


The School and The Community

The school is a member of the Torrington and District Community College. All organisations committed to improving the education and development of the community are part of this college. The school also supports the Torrington and District Community Development Trust and other local organisations.


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