The Hardy Centre

A department within Great Torrington School that coordinates and delivers support for pupils with identified individual needs. Promoting factors that reduce blocks to learning.
A friendly informal place that supports young people identify their individual needs. Whether through a short term or long term intervention, the aim is to enable young people to be happier and more successful in and out of the school environment.

We are usually a good place to start when trying to work out the next steps.

Clancy Stephens - Hardy Centre Manager

A team approach by professionals experienced in differing fields, promotes an environment of respect and equal regard, planned intervention, personalised learning, group work, 1:1 and reflective support.

Each student will work with appropriate people and be inspired to work towards their potential.


Menu of interventions includes;

- Personalised learning
- Teens in grief programme
- Personal development programme
- Living Life To The Full EH4MH
- Mental Health Ambassadors
- Coping with anxiety
- Resilience training
- Listening skills
- Team building
- Restorative interventions
- Forest school
- Counselling
- Parent Talks

In partnership with multiple agencies such as CAHMS, Youth Service, Ed Psych, YISP, TIC-TAC, IFIT, School Nurse, Doctor, LSAs, Teaching staff and Pupil Coaches, parents, the Centre forms a ‘HUB’ where interventions are effectively resourced, recognising pupil needs and partner specialisms. The Hardy Centre has a flexible approach and is proactive, offering appropriate programmes to support individuals and groups within the school.

All interventions will be developed based on clear identified outcomes, and clear planning.

Targets will be reviewed with pupils and other key people to ensure they remain relevant.

Continued assessment, support and observations will ensure the pupil is practicing the learning from the intervention.

Referral Process

Heads of house to coordinate referral information and pass to Clancy Stephens or Helen Whiterod via referral form. Young people can self-referral via their pupil coach.

Informal discussions with Clancy Stephens or Helen Whiterod at pre referral stage work really well for identifying concerns and possible intervention aims.


Dave Atkinson is part of the Hardy Centre Team. As the Safeguarding officer, his experience and expertise is invaluable for supporting young people and families through sometimes difficult and emotional times. 

Online safety is a hot topic, and we are able to advise on current trends and websites. We are able to offer 1:1 sessions that support embedded understanding of risk taking for young people, and closely liaise with parents as appropriate.

We work closely with Primary schools around the transition period from year 6, so that all young people are aware of the Hardy Centre as a resource.

Current initiatives in the Hardy Centre



Developing a Mental Health Policy and also a team of young people keen to train to become Mental Health Ambassadors.


We are currently developing Mental Health awareness throughout the school to ensure a Mentally Healthy environment to support the continued success of pupils, staff and parents.


Magic Ten is a way of talking about how we feel and things we can do each day to promote healthy mental health.


This concept and language will be embedded within the school so that young people become better skilled at recognising how to be come resilient and caring.


Who to talk to

Below you will find a selection of links that you may find helpful. Topics include mental health, support and local agencies.

The Single Point of Access is a multi agency team, managed by Achieving for Children, who work closely with a wide range of teams and partner agencies and facilitates different levels of support depending on the needs of the child, young person and their family.



Your local GP is a good place to start if you are worried about any health matters including mental health.

You can also find additional information and help via the NHS Advice website. Click Here for more information.


Space* - We are proud to play a significant part in the delivery of services for young people in Devon and beyond. 

Our values drive us to learn from each other every day and our dedicated staff team never give up on young people. We’re proud of what we deliver with and for young people and their communities.


The Public Health Nursing Service provide a Health Visiting and School Nursing service across Devon.

We deliver child and family health services, provide ongoing additional services for vulnerable children and families and contribute to multidisciplinary services in safeguarding and protecting children.=


We're Mind, the mental health charity. We're here to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. Mind offers information and advice to people with mental health problems.


YoungMinds is the UK's leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. We exist so that young people have the strongest possible voice in improving their mental health.