Bishop of Plymouth to place last shoe in remembrance during Holocaust Memorial Day 2017

Posted on: 25/01/2017

Holocaust Memorial Day will be marked on Friday 27th January at Great Torrington School with the Bishop of Plymouth, Nick McKinnel, joining two students: Georgia Booton, Elouise Saggers and Head teacher, Tracey Amos  to place the final shoes on our 'Tree of Remembrance' and hold a silence and prayers for those who perished in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur, and for those suffering in the world right now. 

Also as part of the school's memorial, on Monday January 23rd, Year 10 and 11 pupils had the unique opportunity to meet and hear the story of Holocaust survivor, Eva Hamilton. We were honoured to welcome Eva into the Humanities department to discuss the events that happened in her life and to her family.  It was a really insightful experience for our pupils to hear her story and add this personal account to their learning. Over the past couple of years, pupils have had the opportunity through school to visit Auschwitz and Krakow which has enabled more pupils to gain an understanding of the events leading up to the Holocaust. 

At the end of Eva's presentation organiser, Mrs Sparrow, asked Eva, "How has the experience affected your life?", Eva responded, "I realise how unexpected life can be," and, "I never take anything for granted." 

At the end of the presentation , the whole class congregated outside around our 'Tree of Remembrance' to hang shoes, spectacles and children's toys to represent those who perished in the Holocaust.  Eva and Annie tied the first shoe on the tree and the last shoe will be tied on by Tracey Amos and the Bishop of Plymouth on Friday. 

Link to Eva Hamilton book:


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