Fantastic feedback from local employers about the

Tri-Schools Challenge

Posted on: 23/03/2016

''We were delighted to be asked to assist with the challenge as it was an excellent opportunity to get the message out to the students that there are fantastic careers available to them in engineering, starting with an apprenticeship. It was great for our current apprentices to reflect and talk to students who are considering their career options about their own experiences of being an apprentice. I would recommend that any business who are interested in training their own staff though apprenticeship schemes get involved and promote themselves to students in the local community.''

Steve Killner, EHS & Training Coordinator - Greenfield Engineering, Holsworthy. 

"Connor and I thoroughly enjoyed the day, I personally think apprenticeships are a good career opportunity which can be misunderstood by Schools. So it was great to have an opportunity to share our experiences. 
Your event certainty allowed the kids to better understand apprenticeships and the variety of career options available. Connor certainty gained from it as he had to stand up in front of a group and answer questions about his job in a formal way which I suspect he has never done before. I would certainly recommend other businesses to get involved the more diverse the better. Thank you to GTS for letting us get involved."

Richard Barnes, Manufacturing Manager - Beran Instruments Ltd


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