Year 10 Day Of Diversity

Posted on: 21/03/2019

On the 8th March Year 10 had their Day of Diversity.  In the morning we challenged what a society was and how we can become part of one very quickly and how we often do not like change.  We looked at mindset and how we should not get set in our ways and always be open to new ideas; new people and different ways of life.

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to meet over 15 visitors to the school.  We met a family from Syria who have been welcomed to Bideford; we met charities who work out of Great Torrington and we met charities that work with young people and advise and support them.  It really was a diverse group of people and it’s interesting to see the ways north Devon is changing and growing. 

Year 10 were fantastic and worked well together.  They were grown up in their approach to the day and they asked some wonderful questions.  Year 10 should all be very proud of themselves.

- Mrs Tillier


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