That's a wrap!

Posted on: 18/07/2018

Great Torrington School recently won a competition to make a Film in a Day, after Mr Pluckrose completed an annual survey with Into Film. We run Into Film Club during lunchtimes at Great Torrington School in our Performing Arts studio, and it has proved to be a fun and valuable way to engage our students through film.

Mr Pluckrose invited eight talented pupils aged between 12 and 14, who were passionate about film-making, media and performance to take part in Film in a Day.  Together they explored short films and began planning, writing and storyboarding a short film about a missing girl who felt invisible around her friends.

Film Charity Into Film invited North Devon Moving Image to run a Film in a Day workshop with the group last week.

Amanda McCormack, Creative Director said, “To shoot a drama in a day is quite a challenge, but the students had written a fabulous script and with the help of Mark Pluckrose, Team Leader for Performing Arts, they were very well prepared for us to come in and help them bring their film to life.”

“We were really impressed by the students' enthusiasm and talent - both in front of and behind the camera - they worked really well as a team and weren't phased at all by the pressure of the 'in a day' deadline.”

The film is available to watch on the GTS YouTube Channel.


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