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Author Visits

Posted on: 16/10/2019

We welcomed five top authors from Appledore Book Festival to GTS school library again.  With support from Babcock School Library Services our students have been enjoying their books all summer long and now they have been able to meet the authors!

Patrice Lawrence (@LawrencePatrice) started the week with Year 9 – they really appreciated her candid writing style and experiences of cultural diversity.  Her books Orangeboy, Indigo Donut and Rose, Interrupted are all popular - plus she shared her teenage diary with us!

Polly Ho-Yen (@bookhorse) helped Year 7 explore creativity through their own illustration styles, focussing on award-winning Boy in the Tower.  She didn’t give us any spoilers from her future books so we are following her closely…until then find Where Monsters Lie, Fly Me Home & Two Sides 

Year 8 impressed Jo Cotterill (@jocotterillbook) by working on creating their own story within plot guidelines after reading from Jelly (students have chosen Jelly as their GTS free Bookbuzz title)  She wore her colourful Electrigirl shoes inspired by her illustrated series, also try Looking at the Stars, A Library of Lemons & A Storm of Strawberries

Non Pratt (@NonPratt) was pictured with Year 8 – their workshop delved into the issues of friendship, choices and compliments and her book Second Best Friend.  Find Trouble, Truth or Dare, Remix and Unboxed to check out her honest and relatable style.

Anna Wilson has dozens of books for younger readers and she was asked every imaginable question about being published by Year 7.  As well encouraging all of us to keep diaries, Anna made everyone laugh with her own early stories and anecdotes that have made their way into many of her books.   Anna has the National Trust 2020 Nature Month by Month -  A Children’s Almanac out now.

- Mrs R. Ward

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