Year 9 Boys Rugby Team North Devon League Semi-Final

Posted on: 14/03/2019

Last night the boys Year 9 Rugby team hosted Pilton in the semi-final of the North Devon League. From the very start of the game the boys were impressive, the forwards made the hard yards with some direct running to produce quick ball, allowing the backs plenty of space to open up the scoring.

The forwards continued to put in a strong display, working hard to secure and create quick ball, as well as some strong running with the ball which resulted in some good trys for them. The backs were solid throughout and showed their quality equally when moving the ball wide as well as when they chose to be more direct. The boys showed their character in the last minutes of the game with some ferocious defence despite being 35 points ahead and held Pilton up twice.

A very impressive display. The boys will play the final on the 27th March.

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