Duke Of Edinburgh - Bronze Practice 8-9th June 2019

Posted on: 13/06/2019

The adventure began on an overcast, windy and slightly chilly Saturday morning . . . After saying goodbye to parents (lots of hugs from mum and/or dad!), time was spent looking at maps, confirming routes, checking kit, constantly looking up at the sky to see if rain was imminent and then eventually – after one final check that rucksacks were on properly and feeling comfortable – oh, and one final look at the sky (should we put on the rain gear now?) – we set off.

We encountered cows (Miss Anstee bravely shooed them away!), fields with VERY high grass (At times visibility really was limited!), fences, gates, dark threatening clouds and then suddenly torrential rain.  Before long however, the rain went on its way as did we and eventually we all arrived safe and sound to camp.  Tents were pitched, football was played (some were frightened by the footie skills of Miss Rollick and Miss Broadhurst), cards were played, dinner was cooked and then it was ‘lights out’.

Sunday arrived and with it promising good weather.  After breakfast camp was broken, rucksacks repacked, routes checked, water bottles filled and then it was time to depart.  And then it started . . . relentless rain remorselessly soaking us to the bone!  Never mind! March on! (We must beat the girls’ group to the finish line!) Resilience is the name of the game.

All three groups arrived safe, sound and soaked at the final meeting point ready for pick up by parents and in good time which bodes well for the final assessed expedition on 6 July.

The DofE staff would like to say a huge well done and congratulation to all participants; you were a credit to yourselves and the school. 

PS: The campsite staff were very impressed with your behaviour and how tidy the site was left as were we.  Roll on 6 July for another exciting adventure!

- Miss S Rollick


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