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Author Visits 2018

Posted on: 09/10/2018

Dave Cousins entertained Year 8 last week with stories from his own family life including his early days of ‘moonwalking’ to the shops!  Realising that he was not going to be an astronaut when he grew up spurred his quest to make music and write books.  He’s a big hit with the students so look out for his books ’15 Days Without a Head’ and ‘Waiting for Gonzo’.

Fleur Hitchcock visited half of Year 7 and spoke of the inspiration for her stories and the practicalities of writing to a deadline; explaining how she revises the many drafts as they progress towards publication.  She also showed photos of where she grew up and advised everyone to write about what they know.  Bus Stop Baby was inspired by a true story of a baby left in a telephone kiosk.

There were many questions and anecdotes from the students about sibling rivalry and relationships, plus Fleur asked them to vote on their preferred book covers.

Finally, itt was an unexpected pleasure to welcome Bali Rai back to GTS.  He kindly stepped in at the last moment when he found out that one of our other author visits had to be cancelled due to illness.  He didn’t want Year 7 to be disappointed.

He spoke about how reading is the only sure way to allow our brains to create new pathways and expand. He’s the living proof of this “…plus research now confirms that playing with games consoles and hours of screen time has the exact opposite effect.”

Bali has many bestselling books, including a range published by Barrington Stoke which can help dyslexic and less able readers to really enjoy stories for the first time.  He works with football academies and visits schools all over the world with this message – he’s a true champion of more reading. 

Find his books at GTS library!


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