Fun into Food at GTS

Posted on: 09/09/2016

GTS welcomed the 'Fun into Food' team from school caterers, Chartwells. They came up trumps again this year by staging another fabulous fun food event. 

Under the instruction of a professional chef James Plumridge, the Red and Green Teams competed against each other to produce the two tasty dishes in just 15 minutes, all under the watchful eyes of Year 7. 

The event, organised by Chartwells, aimed to show pupils just how much fun cooking delicious food with fresh ingredients can be.  The show was hosted by Chartwells Fun into Food Manager" James Plumridge who gave out some interesting nutritional facts before choosing the teams.  In the green corner was Mrs Hornsby and in the red corner was Mr Anderson with their two chefs plucked from the audience.  The teams were given a different set of ingredients.  The red team made cauliflower and chickpea curry with spiced cous cous and the green team cooked Thai fishcakes with five spiced flavoured noodles. 

With the clock counting down the teams got busy chopping, stirring and cooking to produce the meals with 15 minutes. The year 7 audience actively taking part by giving their views and tasting the varies dishes. 

Mr Chris Ward said, "We're delighted that Chartwells provide this sort of event to help pupils understand how choosing a balanced diet can help them to lead healthy lives.  The lunchtime menus are always cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients.  Choosing a meal with a dessert is great value for money, we'd encourage all our staff and pupils to come and try something new." 

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