GTS performs National Theatre Connections play

Posted on: 08/02/2018

Connections is one of the UK’s largest celebrations of youth theatre.  Plays are commissioned for and are about young people, from some of the best contemporary playwrights, and performed by schools and youth theatres all over the UK and Ireland.  

This year it will involve 270 young theatre groups and 28 leading Partner Theatres, including GTS students who will perform the play ‘Want’ by Barney Norris, in four locations:


Monday 12th March, 7.30pm at GTS Drama Studios (01805 623531)

Wednesday 14th March, The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington (01805 624624)

Friday 16th March, Kingsley School, Bideford (01237 426200)

Tuesday 17th April, 7pm at The Theatre Royal Plymouth (01752 267222)

GTS prices: Adult (£5.00) Children (£3.00)


Mr Pluckrose, Director of GTS Theatre Company, Pike & Musket says, “Want is a great play with lots of two handers telling the story of the fear of moving from childhood to adult life, whilst also exploring the need to be there for each other.  The students have really enjoyed getting to the issues of this play.”


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