Joseph Coelho with Appledore Book Festival at GTS

Posted on: 04/10/2021

Joseph Coelho was here with two Year 8 classes today.

He said that at a young age he was behind with his reading and learning.

Finding his library and teachers brought his creative ideas together - writing and performing his stories and poems.

He has published over a dozen books including anthologies and ‘Fairy Tales Gone Bad’

Try ‘Zombierella’ for something scary and creepy.

Joseph read from ‘The Girl Who Became a Tree’ - a story told in poems

You can borrow this now from GTS library.

Enjoy the mixture of real life, myth, and fantasy - it’s a powerful exploration of grief and renewal.

We had a sneak preview of his latest ‘Fairy Tales Gone Bad’ book.

Thank you for coming to GTS Joseph Coelho!


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