Transition Q&A

Q&A Section

"When do I start School?"

In June or July you will be invited to Great Torrington School for a day with your friends, so it will be easier for you when you start properly in September.

"What will happen?"

You will meet your form tutor, the Head of Year and have some lessons so that you know what it will be like when you start school properly.

"What do I need?"

You will be given a planner to make notes in. You MUST bring this every day. You also need a pen, pencil and ruler. If you have P.E. you MUST bring your kit.

"What if I am late for School in the morning?"

Go to Pupil Services and tell them what has happened.

"What about homework?"

Homework is important and you need to make time to do it.

"What is there to do at GTS?"

There are lots of sports clubs to join. You will learn more about them when you start.

"Where can I put stuff?"

You can hire a locker to keep your things safe while you are at school. Ask your form tutor in September.

"What do I wear?"

Wear the school uniform. Extra clothing such as fleeces are not allowed.

"What if I feel ill?"

If you feel unwell go to your form tutor. They will help you.