Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience Programme 2021-2022

Year 10 is an important time in the life of a student at Great Torrington School with lots of events taking place, one of which is Work Experience; an exciting week for students which we all take very seriously.

Students will receive dedicated support and information during their Citizenship and Careers lessons in order to produce a letter of application and CV to apply to an employer for a work experience placement. We strongly encourage students to arrange their own work experience enabling them to secure placements which match their area of interest and ability. Students who need help with identifying potential employers should be proactive in seeking help from Mrs Leonard, Careers & Employer Engagement Officer and take advantage of ‘drop-in’ sessions in the library.

Work Experience should help students:

  • Make more informed decisions about career plans

  • Work alongside adults as part of a team

  • Understand what employers expect from employees

  • Clarify their expectations and understanding of employment

  • Learn new inter-personal, practical and cognitive skills

  • Grow maturity and self-reliance and become more confident in their abilities

Could you offer work experience?


Is your business interested in supporting young people who are looking for work experience? Are you committed to engaging with your community and developing local talent and skills? Could you provide young people with a positive experience of the working world? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes,’ you should consider becoming a work experience host.

If you are an employer, have Employers and Public Liability Insurance, and would consider offering a work placement to one of our students, please contact me for further details. 

Lousie Leonard or call 01805 623 531 (ext 231)

Work Experience - Employer Information