GTS 100 Minute Lessons


Our Ethos


At GTS our ethos is to ensure that all pupils are able to make outstanding progress in their learning and personal development in their 5 years with us. We will look at each cohort as they join GTS and evaluate the best learning pathway for all the pupils.

The Structure

  • Move to a 6 x 50 period / 3 double session day of 100 minutes.

  • Exceptions to be:

    • House time: 40 minutes

    • E&I: 60 minutes

    • 3RS & Maths in Years 10 & 11: 1 x 50 minutes session each per fortnight.

The Rationale

  • Preparation for longer terminal exams; 2-3 hours long. Pupils need to develop great concentration skills/resilience.

  • More double sessions so more deep learning can take place; advocated by Lee Northern in Maths Ofsted inspection.

  • Practical subjects can engage in more practical learning and complete tasks in the same lesson; this will increase pupil engagement.

  • Loss of learning time through movement between lessons significantly reduced. In the previous 5 period day between 30-45 minutes of learning was lost in pupils moving between lessons.

  • More time for DIRT (Dedicated, Independent Reflection Time): when pupils review their learning they can move forward with the confidence that they have a solid learning platform to base future understanding.

  • Less disruption in exam periods, including mocks, end of year and terminal GCSEs (no need for lunch to move).

  • Move house time into the timetable - pair with E&I on Thursday afternoons; so no 'shorter' days. In the 5 period day model, on Fridays, with extended tutor time, some lessons were 45 minutes long; with transition time this resulted in only 35 minutes of learning time.

  • An earlier lunch so pupils can eat/drink earlier and concentrate better in the afternoon.