Subject Introduction - Physical Education



Ms Miller-Marshall

My name is Ms Miller-Marshall and you’ll see me again as a member of the Senior Leadership Team and Head of Pastoral but, in addition to those roles I also teach PE at GTS, which has been my passion for a few decades now! My main extra-curricular responsibilities are coaching netball and rounders with Mrs Frickleton. Outside of school when my poor old knees allow it, I love playing hockey for Taw Valley!

Mr Rhymer

My name is Mr Rhymer and I am the Head of Learning for Discovery House at GTS. I am also a PE Teacher and my main responsibilities are the development of badminton and volleyball across all years. Alongside teaching, I am a keen volleyball and beach volleyball player and I coach international beach volleyball athletes.

Mr Cooke

My name is Mr Cooke and I am Head of PE at GTS. My main extra-curricular responsibilities are the development of rugby and athletics throughout the whole of the school. I am also part of the Resolution House Team and I run the school ski trips which happen every other year. Outside of school, I compete in Gig Rowing for Appledore Pilot Gig Club – something I have discovered and developed a passion for five years ago when I finally hung up my rugby boots!

Mrs Frickleton

My name is Mrs Frickleton and I am a PE Teacher and the SSCO at Great Torrington School. I am a part of the Discovery House Team. My main responsibilities as a teacher are the development of Netball and Rounders across all year groups. In my role as SSCO, I provide opportunities to take part in competitive and non-competitive sport to the GTS Learning Community. Alongside teaching, I am the captain of the Carol Anne Diamonds Netball team who represent in the South West Regional League and am a level 2 coach for the club.

Mr Bolton

My name is Mr Bolton and I am the Head of Learning for the best house in school, Resolution. I am also a PE Teacher at GTS and have been for nearly 14 years now. One of my key PE responsibilities is overseeing football at GTS. I used to play for a variety of teams (finishing up at Torridgeside) and now referee too. If you’re a fan of travelling and watersports, I also run (with Mrs Frickleton) the Ardeche watersports trip to the South of France every two years.

Miss Colwill

I am Miss Colwill, and I am a PE Teacher, Resolution Tutor and Co-ordinator of Outdoor Education. This means that alongside teaching PE I run outdoor activities for GTS such as Duke of Edinburgh, Ten Tors and Climbing. Outside teaching, I like adventure sports and teach windsurfing and sailing as well as netball and rugby.