Subject Introduction - Performing Arts



Mr Pluckrose

Hi, my name is Mr Pluckrose and I teach Drama at GTS. I am also a tutor for Endeavour House.

On a sunny day I enjoy walking and going to the beach. A few years ago I travelled across America and loved every second. Yosemite National Park was just jaw dropping and as for the Grand Canyon…just wow. I can’t wait for the planes to start flying without restrictions again so I can see more of the world.

Watching theatre, dance and live music are also things that I enjoy. The last musical I went to see was Josef and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat with Jason Donovan and Sheridan Smith.

On rainy days I like to watch a good movie, play on my Xbox, DJ, read or paint. At school I run a film club and I would love to talk to you about your favourite movie. I also run a Warhammer club, school musical and theatre trips to London and New York. It would be great if you would join us.

Looking forward to meeting you all in September

Mr Robilliard

My Name is Mr Robilliard. I look after all of your personal development at GTS. I have several roles within GTS where you will come across me, let me explain a little about what I do.

I lead and teach the PSHE programme at school. PSHE lessons are very important to your development towards becoming an adult. The lessons cover all of the things that you REALLY need to know in life. Some of the areas that you look at are; how your body changes, relationships, careers, how to deal with your emotions, money, rights and responsibilities that you have and the law. Almost every member of staff will teach you important things about life, not just in PSHE lessons either!

I am also part of a team of teachers who look carefully at how we support all of our learners at GTS. That means I will look at information that we have about you, data from tests that you will be doing, I speak to teachers about how you are getting on in lessons and, along with Mrs Whiterod I will look at ways to stretch and support you in school. This might be some short-term support in one area of your learning or maybe suggesting that you join one of our intervention programs.

My subject in school is Music. As you might know, music and performance are a big part of life at GTS. We have lots of musicians who play different instruments and everyone in school gets to have a go at learning several instruments. You can choose to sign up to have separate instrumental lessons as well, a letter will be sent to you at some point telling you how to do this. I love teaching music and I am very excited to be teaching year 7 from September. We have a brand new challenge to work on together, I can’t wait!

Mr Westhorp

Hi everyone – My name is Mr Westhorp and as well as being a Resolution tutor, I am one of the music teachers at GTS.  I teach music first and foremost, but love languages, art, geography, history and sport!  I also like animals – I have a cat and planning to get another dog soon.

In music the main instrument I play is the electric guitar, but I also like singing/piano/trumpet/drums and even DJing!  I am looking forward to getting to know the new students and learn about their passions, what they do with themselves during their spare time.

For me the best thing about GTS is how people help each other in times of need, and how we all understand and respect that everyone is different.  During the COVID pandemic I could really see everyone pulling together to make sure everyone is OK – and that’s been great to see.

Look forward to seeing you soon