Subject Introduction - Modern Foreign Languages



Mrs Mounce

Hola and bonjour. I teach Spanish and French and am Subject Lead for Modern Foreign Languages. I have worked at GTS for quite a long time so have been lucky enough to get to know lots of staff and pupils over the years.

Pupils often ask if I am French or Spanish, but actually I am neither… I am American. I was born in Los Angeles but, as I have lived here for a long time, you won’t hear an American accent.

I am a KS4 tutor in Discovery (the best house) and will have a year 10 tutor group this year. I also help to organise the school equestrian teams as I used to work with horses before I trained to teach. Other interests of mine are cooking, gardening, reading and long walks with my greyhound, Jim.

Mrs Miller

Bonjour! When I first started at GTS many years ago, I taught French and German but I am now teaching French and Spanish. English is not my first language and over the years pupils have given me many nationalities because of my English accent, the most popular one being Dutch! In fact, I was born in Concarneau, France and moved to England 22 years ago. Endurance is the house I belong to – the Gold House and I am a KS3 tutor. In my spare time, I enjoy gardening, walking, swimming and reading. I also love going on motorbike rides sitting on the back of my husband’s Harley Davidson.

Mr Anderson

Bonjour! ¡Hola! I teach French and Spanish and am also the Head of Learning for Endurance House. I learnt German and French at school, but taught myself Spanish as I love visiting the country and it is a more popular language to learn. Before training to be a teacher and moving to Devon, I worked in London but have been fortunate to have also spent time working in France, Canada, Belgium, India and Holland

Nowadays, I love going abroad with my family and in particular to France, Spain, Portugal and Italy as I love their culture and food. I also love getting out and about in Devon, walking my dog and paddle-boarding with my two daughters.