Subject Introduction - English



Miss Dodwell

My name is Miss Dodwell - I’ve been teaching at GTS since 2006 (yikes, just writing that has made me feel very old!) and I am in Endeavour House. I lead the English Department here and I am so passionate about it – as someone much wiser than me said “Everything is held together with stories. That is all that is holding us together, stories and compassion”. Reading is magical – it can truly transport us to different places, allow us to imagine extraordinary possibilities and helps us to explore the wonderful but baffling world we live in.

My second passion in life is running: I have completed 5 marathons and have my 6th lined up for October this year. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about what you’re reading and what fascinates you – and yes, I love Harry Potter too; I’ve finished reading them last year with my 9-year-old daughter. We’ve moved on to The Hobbit now and we’re loving it!

Mrs Furness

My name is Mrs Furness and I have been an English teacher here for a very long and (mostly!) very happy, fulfilling time. I live with my husband and two small children in the middle of the countryside near Torrington. I’ve always been deeply in love with literature; I enjoy both reading and writing stories and always have since I was tiny. It is that which first made me decide to become an English teacher. But the real reason that I still love my job after all these years has turned out to be surprisingly different. The joy I feel when exploring stories alongside young people is as much about the fascination of getting to know all of you, as it is about sharing my love of literature. Your time in this school will be one of the most exciting - often challenging - phases of your life and I feel privileged to be here alongside you all as you grow from childhood towards adulthood.
English is a subject in which you can learn about any subject in the world (and sometimes beyond it!), but especially where you will learn about who you are and who you want to become.
I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Mrs Tillier

Hello.  My name is Mrs Tillier.  I have worked at Great Torrington School since the year 2000. That is a very long time ago and it shows how much I love working at GTS. I am an English teacher (which is the best job on the planet) and I am in Endurance (which is the best House on the planet!). I am married with two children and three grandchildren.  This keeps me busy as does my garden which I love – flowers are the best. I love reading and especially writing poetry and although I am not very good at it, it helps me to relax and be creative. I always think the more you practise something the better you will get. I look forward to meeting you in September. 

Miss Couch

Hello, my name is Miss Couch. I joined Great Torrington School in 2020, this will be my second year here. I have loved my time at Great Torrington so far and I am excited to see what next year brings! I am one of the English teachers in the English department and a tutor in Endurance House. As you could have guessed, my favourite hobby is reading. Reading continually amazes and excites me, I see every book as a portal into a new world to explore and have endless hours of adventures in. The book which made me fall in love with reading was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland I couldn’t help but daydream about being Alice, in that nature filled world of wonder! My second favourite way to spend my time is hiking! Most weekends you will find me wandering the moors, admiring nature, and pretending to be a romantic poet. I have to admit there is no better way to finish a hike than with a hot chocolate and a book. I am also passionate about plants, I have a large collection of plant babies, I have so many at home that some have had to come to work with me. You’ll know which classroom is mine, it is the one with all plants in!

Miss Le Petit

Hello! I am Ms Le Petit and this will be my fifth year at GTS. A Londoner born and bred, I made the move to beautiful Devon five years ago now for a better quality of life – and what a great move that was! In my free time I love spending time at the beach for dog walks, beachcombing and swimming (whatever the weather!) Being in such a wonderful environment, I have developed a love for gardening and find it brilliantly relaxing and, also, surprisingly creative. I have always been fascinated by the power of language, and really enjoy discussing and exploring the ideas, emotions and experiences of the people we read about every day in lessons with our amazing pupils here at GTS. I look forward to meeting you at the beginning of your journey here, and travelling with you on that very special journey!