Subject Introduction - Computing



Welcome to computing at GTS! Computing is a huge subject, as computers are used in some way in almost everything we do. To advertising a football game, programming a website, watching a movie, buying something online to the latest in AI technology and robotics. We will be endeavouring to discover how it all works as part of computing here at GTS.

Mrs Bryant

Hi! My name is Mrs Bryant and I teach Computing, IT and iMedia and you will usually find me in C1. I am a Resolution tutor and have been for many years.

Outside of school I enjoy baking, especially chocolate cake, spending time with my family, listening to music and knitting.

My favourite animal is the orangutan and I sponsor one in Borneo. What is your favourite animal?

Mr Bryant


I am Mr Bryant and I am the other Computing, IT and iMedia teacher at GTS. You will find me in C2 normally. I am really happy to report that I am a Key Stage 3 (year 7 – 9) Endeavor tutor.

Inside and outside of school I love to learn about things and ask questions. During your time at GTS I look forward to tinkering with robotics or trying to invent something new with you.