Resolution House Introduction



Head of Learning: Mr Bolton
Hello from me (your new Head of Learning) and welcome to the best house in GTS – RESOLUTION! We’re called the Resolution Raptors and have a snazzy logo designed by one of our former pupils (next to my silly face up above). One of our main focusses as a house is participation – we always look for the chance to help others and throw ourselves into opportunities that arise doing our best to show the school values along the way.
We’ve got a fantastic set of tutors who do a brilliant job of looking out for you daily in school, not just in registration but house times too. Our tutor groups have a mix of year groups, which often sounds a little daunting but in reality works wonderfully as you always have someone older to look out for you and help with everything you need.
Last bit from me and then you get to read a little bit about the most important person in our house – Ms Phipps. We’re really so happy to have you on our team and can’t wait to meet you in person. Obviously you’re probably feeling a bit apprehensive about the move to big school (that’s normal) but rest assured you’re in good hands and it will all go smoothly I’m sure!
See you soon

Pupil Coach: Ms Phipps

Hi, I’m Ms Phipps and I am the Pupil Coach for Resolution.
You’ll get to see me around school A LOT 😊. You may see me for a lot of different things, mainly in a supportive role. Maybe you need someone to chat to about things that are going on for you, or maybe you just want to drop by and say hello, or maybe you just want a bit of advice, or maybe you need help with something?  
Resolution is a fantastic house, we look out for each other, we care for each other and we are proud to be part of GTS.
I look forward to seeing you at GTS in the near future.