Endurance House Introduction



Head of Learning: Mr Anderson


Hello and welcome to the Endurance House!!
You are incredibly lucky to be a member of Endurance house –the best house in the school! I am thrilled for you to be joining us in September and look forward to see you grow and develop into young adults. We are a house full of pupils with different talents including art, cookery and sport.  We are extremely friendly and you will be warmly welcomed.
We have an amazing group of tutors that are really excited to meet you and get to know you and hope you are really looking forward to starting your journey at GTS. You will often see Miss Brent and me popping into your tutor group to check up on you all. Miss Brent is your pupil coach and her job is to make sure that you are happy at school so that you can do your best in lessons.  We work very closely together and between us we make a fab team. We both speak Spanish, so feel free to practice what you have learnt in your Spanish lessons!
Whether you are sporty or academic, there’s a place for you to shine in Endurance and celebrate your successes. I can’t wait!

Pupil Coach: Mrs Brent


Welcome to Endurance Eagles!! The Eagle is our House mascot, it is a graceful, agile bird that soars high.
I have lived in North Devon for 17 years and have worked at GTS for the past 3 years, it is a truly great school, I love it!! As your Pupil Coach, I am here to support you in many ways. This can include anything from; advice if you have any worries, lending you a tie if you have forgotten yours, helping resolve friendship issues or helping you find your way to your classroom. I am always happy to help.
Outside of school I enjoy walking and cycling, I usually enter a few cycling events to keep me busy through the year.
I really look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Endurance family!
See you soon! 😊