Endeavour House Introduction



Head of Learning: Mrs Richards


Hello new Endeavouronians (yes, as an English teacher I am allowed to make words up)
You are incredibly lucky to a member of Endeavour house –the best house in the school! I am thrilled for you to be joining us in September and look forward to see you grow and develop in young adults. We are currently holding the position of DOUBLE cup winners– the Sports Day Ash Cup (four years on the trot!) and the House Cup – so there’s no pressure to make sure you are going to keep us reigning champions for the next five years or anything, not that I am at all competitive!
We have a great set of tutors that are really excited to meet you and get to know you over the next three years. We are all disappointed that we can’t meet you properly before September but we endeavour (did you see what I did there?) to get to know you all properly when we start school. You will often see Ms Taylor and me popping into your tutor group to check up on you all. We work very closely together and between us we make a fab team: good cop/bad cop – I’ll let you make your minds up of which of us is which.

Whether you are sporty or academic, there’s a place for you to shine in Endeavour and celebrate your successes. I can’t wait!

Pupil Coach: Ms Taylor


Hi and welcome to GTS.
Such a shame we won’t meet in person before September!
I am part of the Endeavour Pastoral Team and work closely with Mrs Richards.
One of my main priorities is to look after your physical and emotional welfare.  I want you to feel safe, happy, involved and for you to reach your full potential whilst here at GTS.
By the time you leave us in Year 11, I want it to be with fond memories of how much you’ve achieved, how much you’ve grown in self-esteem and how you grabbed all the opportunities offered to you during your time as part of the GTS family.
I look forward to meeting you.