Key dates moving from Y6 to Y7

At GTS we recognise that the transition from primary school to secondary is a big step for pupils, and often for parents too, and therefore the transition process is an important time. Over the past decade we have developed a very successful and innovative week long programme to compliment this and to enable the pupils to get a true feel for life at GTS.

September/October – Open Mornings and Evening

You are warmly invited to attend our Open Evening and/or our Open Morning tour to meet our staff and pupils, and to see for yourself what we have to offer.

  • Open Mornings everyday week commencing Monday 23rd September to Friday 27th September, 9am – 10.30am

  • Open Mornings everyday week commencing Monday 23rd September to Friday 27th September, 9am – 10.30am

March – National Allocation Day & Transition Information Evening

After National Allocation Day we will send you a personal invite to our Transition Information Evening this is to help you and your child plan for our Transition Week in June. Pupils and Parents are also given the opportunity to meet key staff to share any information, worries or concerns to help young person starting Great Torrington School.


Great Torrington School staff and Transition Leaders will visit all Primary Schools to visit your Year 6 teachers and meet the Year 6 students.  This visit will be an opportunity for us to find out about the needs and abilities of our new pupils.  Our Transition Leaders will tell you all about life at GTS as well as transition; it provides an opportunity for pupils to discuss any concerns they many have and ask questions about the school in an environment that they are familiar in.

June – Extra visits

After the initial visit days to schools and in collaboration with parents and the primary school we carry out a review to identify those young people who would benefit from extra visits to Great Torrington School or extra support in their Transition. This could be a short series of sessions or a tour of a school; depending on the individual needs.

June – Transition Week

During Transition week we welcome all our new pupils to spend a week experiencing GTS. The week comprises of a residential as well as school based activities.

All new pupils meet their Head of House, Pupil Coach and members of their house in a more informal environment that provides challenges and experiences to embed their relationships.  We believe combining an extended transition period and an outdoor adventure experience brings the pupils together and set them up as a cohesive unit to start their time at GTS. 

The residential trip will last two and a half days and pupils will be split into House groups, with two House groups being at the camp at a time.  During the course of the transition week staff will get to know the pupils as individuals and will select/group them appropriately to be placed in their Tutor groups. For the remainder of the week pupils will be involved in a school based programme where they will attend specially tailored lessons which will enable pupils to have a good understanding of what is expected and to try, in some cases, a new subject. All within the GTS Year 7 curriculum.   

The primary schools are always very positive and supportive about this transition program and the feedback from pupils and parents/carers has always been encouraging.  We believe that the residential is a vital part of the settling-in process for pupils and we would encourage all pupils to attend.

Our Transition Leaders, (selected from our current Year 7), will be on hand throughout the week to assist and support the pupils and provide any reassurance they may require.

Sample itinerary

Itinerary 2019– detailed itinerary to follow

Day/ Date



Monday 24th June

Monday start residential camp for two nights.

In school Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday 25th June


Wednesday 26th June

Return to GTS Wednesday lunch for period 5.  In school Wednesday afternoon.

In school Wednesday morning.  Leave for residential Wednesday lunch.  Camp for two nights.

Thursday 27th June

In school Thursday and Friday.

Residential - return to school Friday afternoon.

Friday 28th  June

Our aim for the week is simple, that all pupils to have familiarity with staff, pupils and the school environment before they start Year 7 in September.

July – Year 6 New Entrants Evening

The evening is a celebration of the transition week events and the opportunity to you’re your child’s tutor. It is an exciting evening as many young people have made new friends and are eager to catch up with other again.  After the initial welcome, we split the year group into four houses.  There will be a short talk from your Head of House and the opportunity to meet your House Captains, you will then be introduced to your tutor.  Your tutor  will show you to your tutor room where they will be able to provide any reassurance you may require. Afterwards you are welcome to join the rest of the year group in our Dining Hall for some light refreshments.


All Year 7 pupils arrive at Great Torrington School to continue where they left off.  After initially meeting in the dining hall they will be collected by two members of their tutor group to make their way to their Tutor room. They will spend some of the day with their tutor getting to know their peers and getting organised for the new term. On the first week pupils will set up their cashless catering in the finance office and in the second week having their school photo taken by Tempest Photography. 

October – Year 7 Parent, Pupil & Tutor, Settling In Evening

Parents are invited to come into school to meet with the tutor and have an informal chat with their tutor. This is an opportunity for parents/carers and pupils to ask any questions, to talk openly about how they feel they are settling in to GTS life.

Curriculum Time

Throughout the year, pupils will have a chance to perform and showcase their work; this will allow you to see the quality and commitment your child has for their learning. Parents will receive invites via Parentmail to come in and watch the pupils perform.

Spring Term

There will be an opportunity for you to meet with teachers in the Spring Term to discuss their learning and progression that has taken place since they started at GTS.  This is also an opportunity for us to share our expectations of your sons/daughters.