Covid-19 Online Provision

During lockdown, learning at Great Torrington School will continue using Class Notebooks on the Microsoft OneNote platform.  

All pupils have access to the Office365 suite of programmes, including OneNote. This platform allows pupils to efficiently organise their learning, allows for teachers to include a wide range of media in the delivery of their lesson and enable teachers to efficiently view pupils' work and provide feedback.

It is  quick and easy for pupils to find their Class notebooks in OneNote. Follow these simple instructions or watch this video that will guide you through the process.



1.       Go to

2.       If you are asked to log in, use you school email address and password

3.       Click on the purple OneNote tab on the left hand side

4.       Click on the 'shared with me' tab on the right hand side

5.       Select the Class Notebook for the subject you are studying

6.       Click on your name in the Class Notebook

7.       Select the lesson for the day


Pupils are expected to follow their timetable every school day. For example, imagine a pupil has English periods 1 & 2, History 3 & 4 and French 5 & 6 on a Monday. At 0910 on Monday morning they need to access their English Class Notebook, at 1105 they need to access their History Class Notebook and at 1330 they need to access their PE Class Notebook. During these times,  teachers will be on-hand to offer any support, advice or guidance that a pupil needs and can be contacted by email. You can find teachers' email addresses here: 

Teachers are able to see  the work that pupils complete on OneNote and can provide feedback directly onto this work. OneNote saves work automatically and there is no need to email this work separately to the teacher.

Teachers will provide a wide range of teaching and learning activities including videoed lessons, quizzes, physical activities, practical tasks and written work. A pupils' curriculum will continue as it would if they were learning in their classrooms. It is vital that pupils continue to engage with learning during lockdown for their future success. Clearly, in a few physical and creative subjects, the curriculum has needed to be altered to cater for current circumstances.

We are exploring the possibility of providing live lesson via video links in the near future. However, we would need to overcome the three challenges of poor broadband infrastructure across North Devon for pupils and teachers, ensuring the wellbeing of pupils and teachers is safeguarded and the equal provision of  devices to our pupils before we can provide this.