Regular attendance at school is very important. The Law requires that parents ensure their children attend regularly at the school where they are registered.

  • It is a known fact that children who have below average attendance early in their secondary school life are more likely to become disaffected during Years 10 and 11. It is therefore extremely important that parents take all reasonable steps to ensure that their child adopts a pattern of regular and punctual attendance. Any bad habits will be hard to break later on.

  • The Department of Education and Skills and Ofsted expect pupils to have attendance throughout the school year which averages in excess of 93%.

  • If your child is ill and cannot attend school then you are asked to let the school know that day. It is important to realise that only the school can authorise an absence (including sickness) and then only in very specific circumstances.

  • If your child has unauthorised absences from school then the school is required to notify the Local Education Authority. You may then be contacted by the Education Welfare Service and it is possible that legal action will be considered to help solve the problem or find a way forward.

  • Unfortunately some pupils will experience difficulties in their lives which may affect their education. Please encourage your child to talk to someone if they experience any difficulty settling into their new school.

If you are contacted by the school about your child's attendance, the school will expect to hear from you and you have a responsibility to reply. Try to talk to them as soon as possible otherwise the situation may get worse.

If for any reason you feel you cannot talk to the school yourself please do not hesitate to contact the Welfare Office for your child's school at any time in the future. The telephone number is (01271) 388514.

Family Holidays during Term Time

  • Wherever possible you should take your holidays during school holidays.

  • Avoid taking your child on holiday at times when he or she should be taking exams or tests.

  • You should not expect your child's school to agree to a family holiday during term time. The school will carefully consider your request and they will take your child's attendance record into account.

  • Schools will not agree to your child missing more than a total of 10 school days for family holidays in any one school year, unless there is a very good reason.

Holidays in Term Time Information For Parents

  • Schools may authorise absence during term time to enable pupils to go away on 1 Annual holiday with their parent(s): Approval is not automatic.

  • Save in exceptional circumstances a pupil shall not be granted more than 10 school days leave of absence in any school year (Education Pupil Registration Regulations 1995).

  • The duration of the absence and the date of return should be agreed by the School before making any arrangements.

  • Where the requested absence is greater than 10 days, the School may impose conditions on the approval of the holiday.

  • More advice is given in the Department for Education and Employment Leaflet 100/0219/147/D95A which can be obtained from your Local Education Authority Offices.