Performing Arts

"The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means the seeing place. It is the place people come to see the truth about life and the social situation."

- Stella Adler

The Performing Arts Department aims to provide students and staff of Great Torrington School with the opportunity to realise their performance and response skills. Students will be able to develop knowledge and experience of Drama and Music through various styles and mediums.

The Performing Arts Department also aims to reach out into the community and share its expertise and resources. Drama and Music at GTS is unique because we make very specific cross curricular links with all subjects. We also listen to students and build extra-curricular activities to suit their current needs.


KS3 Curriculum

In Year 7, students explore Drama and Music through our challenge based foundations curriculum. This includes interpreting a story, developing character, rehearsal techniques and performance in the Art Heist challenge as well as exploring musical styles from different parts of the globe in our Around the World challenge. Following this, in Year 8, Drama and Music work closely together to create an accomplished Music Video, learn the basics on guitar, piano and drums as well as taking part in an international theatre festival. Then, in year 9, students create a movie trailer and soundtrack before taking part in a Battle of the Bands and learning the basics of lighting and theatrical design.

During all of these challenges, students learn the relevant Drama and Music performance skills related to a particular practitioner or style. It is an expectation that students research these areas during their home learning and also devote some time outside of lessons to learn lines, practice chosen instruments and rehearse performances.


KS4 Curriculum

From Year 10 to 11 we follow the RSL Level 2 Certificates in Performing Arts and Music Practitioners which are assessed through practical performances and exams. Each practical assessment focuses on one particular process. In Performing Arts they will focus on a live performance and performing text, as well as gaining skills in theatre technology, acting and rehearsal techniques. During the Music Practitioners course they will create a live Music performance, research music styles and complete an instrumental study. They will also explore Music theory, signwriting, rehearsal techniques and performance.

Homework will consist of exploring their practical work in portfolios and online blogs. They will also be expected to rehearse performances, practice instruments and learn lines.


The Performing Arts department is very lucky to have a well-resourced, professional studio and theatre, allowing students to develop their knowledge of music production, performance and technology. We also have a well-resourced professional studio and music rooms for students to use.

  • Drama studio with a maximum capacity of 200 including Video projection, DVD player, Full PA system with radio mic and Lighting rig with Intelligent moving lights

  • Backstage area with loading bay doors, Costumes, Props and Stage systems ‘Q-Build’ Staging

  • Lighting and sound control room with Zero 88 Jester 24 channel professional lighting desk, Allen and Heath Zed 24 channel professional sound desk CD Mixer and Ableton live intro and Launchpad

  • Music Technology room with 15 Apple Macs with Cubase, Ableton, Garageband and iMovie with Midi Keyboards

  • Music Ensemble room with 5 practice rooms including Pianos, Drum Kits and Keyboards

  • Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars and Amplifiers

  • Various Percussion, wind and brass instruments

  • DJ suite with Cubase and Ableton live intro with Launchpad, Synthesiser and DJ Decks and mixer

  • Recording Studio with Apple Mac Pro and Allen and Heath Zed 24 channel professional sound desk

Staff Members


Team Leader of

Performing Arts

Mr Mark Pluckrose

01805 623531 Ext. 206


Mr Simon Robilliard