Physical Education

Enthusiastic, committed, driven: the foundation stones of the GTS Physical Education team.  Our vision for all pupils to succeed, achieve their full potential and leave school with the requisite skills and understanding enabling them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle has, at its core, the GTS school values.

COVID-19 Update - PE Lessons

We will endeavour to have PE lessons outside and will be limiting the use of changing facilities as much as possible. 


On the days when your child has PE please ensure that:

- they come to school in their PE kit (they will remain in this for the entire day unless they are doing PE in bad weather conditions)

- they check the weather forecast and ensure that the PE kit they wear is appropriate for the weather conditions (please see the school website for a list of acceptable kit)

- all jewellery is removed before arriving at school

- they bring spare PE kit or their school uniform (to have available in case they get wet / muddy during PE and therefore need to change)

- they always bring a pair of rugby/football boots

- all of their kit is clearly named


Core PE - Intent

Throughout KS3 pupils have opportunities to develop within the three domains of the PE mastery curriculum comprised of:


·        Head – Thinking: coaching, strategies and tactics and problem solving.

·        Heart – Feeling / Behaviours: healthy, active lifestyle, developing and demonstrating school values and trust.

·        Hands – Doing: physically competent, techniques, competitive and physically active.


Within Y7-9, pupils follow a broad and balanced PE curriculum encompassing a range of activities to include both team and individual games, athletics, gymnastics, health and fitness, and orienteering.

An expanded curriculum offer in KS4 (Y10-11) enables more choice to pupils allowing them to select activities from a range of options all of which ensure continuity in the development of the three domains from the KS3 PE mastery curriculum.


Level 2 Qualifications

In addition to the core PE offer, pupils with a particular interest in PE and sport can take GCSE PE. This course enables pupils to engage in a more in-depth study of the theory underpinning PE and sport leading ultimately to a qualification from which they can continue with further study after GTS. This qualification also helps to open pathways into careers related to PE and sport.


Our SSCo (School Sports Co-ordinator), through working with numerous primary schools, provides GTS pupils with many opportunities to apply and develop their leadership skills culminating in a number of primary and secondary school events organised by the GTS PE team for North Devon. Additional opportunities for pupils to lead occur through our support of School Games events. The Pastoral House system provides further opportunities for pupils to lead; there is an annual application and selection process for Sports Captains for each of the four Houses. The role of the Sports Captains is vital: it helps to further develop PE and school sport; it helps to raise the profile of PE and school sport; it helps to engage more staff and pupils in sport thus raising participation levels across the school.

Extra-curricular Sport

An all-inclusive approach towards extra-curricular sport enables us to offer a rich and varied programme underpinned by our philosophy that all pupils should have opportunities to build and adopt an active lifestyle. This has resulted in pupils being able to participate in a leisure capacity through to competitive level and representing the school. We have a proud history of entering an extensive range of competitions across an extensive range of sports for all ages and all abilities. Complementing our extra-curricular sport provision, we provide further opportunities for all pupils through the whole-school E&I programme. Participation outside of school is also highly valued and encouraged and we therefore continually guide our pupils towards joining local sports clubs. One of the major highlights of the GTS school year is Sports Day which is held in July each year and is based around mass participation and competition.

Representative Sport

We are extremely proud of our pupils as each year we have many who are selected for sports academies and who achieve representative honours at North Devon, Devon and South West Regional Level across a wide range of sports.

Gold School Games Sports Mark

We were delighted to be awarded the Gold School Games Mark in July 2019 having met criteria in the areas of participation, competition, workforce (leadership) and clubs.

Staff Members

Head of PE

Mr Guy Cooke
01805 623531 Ext. 253


Mr Matthew Bolton

Miss Stephanie Colwill


Mrs Charlotte Frickleton


Ms Nicola Miller-Marshall


Mr Matthew Rhymer