"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

- Albert Einstein

All students will be encouraged to see the magic of maths and will be challenged and fully supported through their education by dedicated staff. We strive for all students to believe in themselves. We endeavour to prepare them for their next steps in life, to develop confidence in numeracy, problem solving skills and enable them to be effective decision makers.

We will do this by providing a unique curriculum which puts the core skills at its heart - all students will be enabled to access these skills and practise them in a variety of contexts.

KS3 & KS4 Curriculum

Years 9 -11 will have 5 x 100 min lessons a fortnight. The scheme of work builds on concepts taught in KS3 and the objective for year 9 is to develop the knowledge of all pupils to embed foundation level GCSE content. The pace at which pupils do this will depend on their ability. We strive to accelerate both top sets to ensure the majority of the foundation content is completed in year 9. Pupils will then build on this with the higher content. For sets 2 and 3 the pace will be much slower to ensure concepts are fully embedded before progressing to higher content as appropriate.

Pupils will be regularly assessed to ensure that they are in the correct set.

For each key objective pupils will develop fluency of procedural methods before developing skills in application, reasoning and problem solving.

  • We strive to provide opportunities to interleave mathematical topics covered providing opportunities for retrieval of previous work.

  • We strive to incorporate opportunities to interleave concepts from other curriculum areas to develop links

  • We include use of goal free questioning to ensure tasks are accessible for all

  • We include use of UKMT mathematical questions to challenge all pupils

  • We will use manipulatives to support learning

  • We will include opportunities for pupils to develop their literacy

  • We will use Pinpoint Learning to personalise DIRT from formal exam papers to ensure misconceptions are addressed

For each block of learning there will be a key assessment task that will focus on key skills. At the end of each term there will be an assessment for which will be moderated and graded
Throughout years 9-11 there will be plenty of opportunities dedicated to reflect and improve knowledge of key concepts.

Pupil trackers are to be stuck in the front of all exercise books at the start of a block, this allows pupils to clearly identify the learning outcomes for each lesson, read ahead on topics, monitor their homework and use as a check list for revision. At the end of the block, the tracking sheet can also be used for reflection and target setting. Pupils will be expected to develop independent learning skills using online resources such as Just Maths online and Pinpoint to progress.

Homework will be set to test fluency as well as reasoning and problem solving.

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Staff Members


Team Leader of Mathematics

Mrs Clare Sargeant

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Leader of Numeracy

Mr Jens Klingenstein

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Mr Steven Beams

Miss Julie Broadhurst

Miss Amber Davey-Wright

Miss Jessica Lomax