"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

- Albert Einstein

All students will be encouraged to see the magic of maths and will be challenged and fully supported through their education by dedicated staff. We strive for all students to believe in themselves. We endeavour to prepare them for their next steps in life, to develop confidence in numeracy, problem solving skills and enable them to be effective decision makers.

We will do this by providing a unique curriculum which puts the core skills at its heart - all students will be enabled to access these skills and practise them in a variety of contexts.

KS3 & KS4 Curriculum

We have embraced the new 1-9 GCSE in Maths. In Year 9 all our students embark on their journey towards the three written examinations to be sat in Year 11.

In KS3 the students develop the foundations needed to succeed in the new, more demanding GCSE.


We would like to work in partnership with you; we will set homework each week to support and to challenge. This may be a written piece of homework or may be set online through mymaths. Each homework task has an attached online lesson to provide support if necessary.

If your child needs further assistance with any homework task then maths leaders are ready to help every lunchtime in M3, these are a fantastic group of talented students, please encourage your child to make use of them. To prepare for GCSE we will also run afterschool revision sessions and intervention sessions as required.

We ask that you ensure that your child is ready to learn, they will need to be equipped with a pen, pencil, ruler, protractor, rubber, compass and they must have a scientific calculator. We run a maths shop which students can purchase any of the above if required.


We have had a fantastic year for all students, our able mathematicians have had success at maths challenge events and have worked with further education establishments to challenge and motivate them further, many¬†of whom will continue to study maths at A ‘Level which is testament to the positive experience of maths that they have had at GTS.

Staff Members


Team Leader of Mathematics

Mrs Clare Sargeant

01805 623531 Ext. 351


Leader of Numeracy

Mr Jens Klingenstein

01805 623531 Ext. 331


Mr Steven Beams

Miss Julie Broadhurst

Mr Colin Bryant

Miss Jessica Lomax