Parent Surveys

At GTS we aim to provide the best possible education for your child and recognise the importance of ensuring that communication and information meets the needs of the child, the parents and the school. As a result we continually evaluate what we do. 

Having run Progress Days for two years and taken the views of the key stakeholders, we felt a shift back towards a more traditional subject based Parents' Evening would be beneficial. Thus, during the 2014/15 academic year we returned to Parents' Evenings.

We have now assessed, via a survey, the parents' views on the two formats; the results can be seen in the graphs/information below. In response to this feedback we can confirm that in 2015/16 GTS will be running Parents' Evenings for all year groups and, in addition, we will also be adding a designated Options' Evening for those in Year 9. 

We are also in the process of reviewing how appointments can be booked and also their optimal length. 

Please remember that should you have a concern or query regarding your child's education or wider journey through school, it does not need to wait until Parents' Evenings. teachers and pastoral staff are always happy to discuss issues via phone, email or in person and can be contacted at any time; information can be found on our Staff Contact Details page found via the Our School menu above.

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