GTS Pila Ski Trip 2018

Posted on: 27/03/2018

There were many tears from both parents and children on Saturday the 27th of January, prior to lots of goodbye hugs and kisses before the long journey to Italy, to go skiing for the week.  We were all buzzing with excitement for the great week ahead.  We watched some great films, such as star wars and Harry Potter, as we travelled our way up to Dover to catch the ferry to take us to Calais, France.

The ferry was full of tired faces.  Once we arrived in Calais we all tried to get some sleep on the Coach.  We were woken up in the morning to get breakfast in France, which consisted of the traditional, continental, yummy foods.  We carried on our journal to our hotel in Pila and finally arrived in Italy after going through the Mount Blanc tunnel.

We arrived at interski for fittings for boots, helmets and skis. 

On Sunday evening we went for a lovely hike to see some ruins of a castle and take in the beautiful views of the mountains that surrounded the valley. That evening, I ate the most amazing pasta I have ever eaten!  

Over the course of the week, at the end of every day a new “Donkey of the Day” award was given out.  The winner of this award gets to wear a high-vis jacket with ‘Donkey of Day’ written on it.  The award was given to whoever had done the silliest thing that day.  It was given to people for things such as falling over in the shower, losing your ski glove or even their skis.  On the first day of skiing we got to see the views from the top of the mountain and they were more beautiful that you can imagine.  We could see Mount Blanc in the distance and the mountain from the Toblerone logo.

After our exciting first day of skiing, we ate gorgeous crepes and drank hot chocolate.  Later on that night we went into a town to eat pizza.  We all ate lots and lots of pizza, which was amazing!  The whole week consisted of lots of falling over, laughter and gorgeous food.

On Tuesday after another day of skiing we went bowling.  I’m sure other students were amazed by how competitive the teachers can get.  We had people who threw the ball backwards and then those that scored amazing scores.  Overall, Mr Cooke’s team won and he made sure we wouldn’t forget it! 

On Wednesday, I was given ‘Donkey of the Day’, which meant I had to wear the high-vis jacket all day whilst skiing and in the evening, when all the schools who were there with interski met up for a party.  We all spent the night singing and dancing to classic songs, such as The Cha Cha Slide.   The UV lights reflected off my high-vis jacket very well that night and thankfully there was a new Donkey of the Day on Thursday, so I didn’t have to spend another day skiing with it on.

On Thursday evening we all explored the beautiful town we were staying in and went souvenir shopping.  Day five on the slopes was my favourite day; we had beautiful sunshine and I drank the world’s best hot chocolate and did lots of red slopes.  All week I had trouble stopping at the bottom of the slopes and the instructor told everyone the funny stories of me knocking over people that evening, when we were all presented with badges and certificates.

Overall, the week was amazing.  I could not thank the amazing teachers enough for making the week so awesome.  I would definitely do this trip again if I could.


By Carrie Lawrence 


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