Appledore Book Festival at

Great Torrington School 2017

Posted on: 16/10/2017

GTS had four author events this year with over 450 students from years 7, 8, 9 & 10 Appledore Book Festival School Programme has been gaining popularity here for years and from the first days of the new term our students eagerly quizzed me to find out which author they would meet! Internationally famous, award-winning and celebrated authors Bali Rai, Christopher Edge, Tamsin Cooke and Kathryn Evans played to packed and excitable audiences in the Drama Studio and School Library. Kathryn Evans had a long road to being published whilst running her farming business and talked about the huge importance of reading and how this is vital to resilience. As she twirled and swirled in her gorgeous gold shoes with our Year 9 it was fascinating to find out about her acting and sporting accomplishments in fencing. Try her book ‘More of Me’ and watch for more from this energetic lady.

Bali Rai asked to come back to GTS after his sessions with History students last year. He was very impressed with questions and insights from our students so I hope he will return again. This time the subjects of identity, race and thinking independently were strongly debated with Year 8 and Year 10. Borrow any of his books from Mrs Ward in the library from the gritty dramas for emerging readers through to his contributions for Amnesty International ‘Here I Stand: Stories that Speak for Freedom’.

Tamsin Cooke had many willing volunteers for developing story-telling techniques and acting as cat burglars and stunt men from her popular ‘Scarlet Files’ series and her latest book ‘Stunt Double.’ Her forthcoming books are a secret at present but she’ll be keeping in touch as Ozzy Manning DrRHI and Alyssa Semmens RpSJA in Year 7 both won books for their superb skills.

Christopher Edge also wanted to come back to GTS and has won many prizes for ‘The Many Worlds of Albie Bright’ and ‘The Jamie Drake Equation’ so we started with a science quiz! This was very well received and complemented our Year 7 Learners Baccalaureate students challenge ‘Arrival’ When you ‘Drop Everything And Read’ every afternoon, choose one of these books to enjoy!


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