Get set for work experience

Posted on: 02/02/2018

This year I will be participating in my Year 10 work experience. I have been lucky enough to secure two placements this year, which I am very happy to be participating in. Unlike most schools in the north Devon area we don’t have to pay for the opportunity – so it will be an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into the world of working in some of the career paths that I am interested in.

I am really looking forward to my work experience, my first placement is with an architect’s practice and my second placements is with the NHS. Both will give me an insight into these careers and the skills required and hope that it will show me if I really am interested in either to pursue as a future career.

Before I applied, I had a lot of support from the school, through lessons we were helped to create our CV and letter of application ready to send off to multiple companies or businesses which we were interested in. From this we may have had an interview about the placements, which gave us a chance for the employer to learn a bit more about us,  For my architect placement I took my art portfolio coursework along with me, to demonstrate some of my creativity which was relevant for the work experience.

Not all students will get the same outcome out of work experience, some may come away feeling disappointed, others excited about their career opportunities. But all of us will learn from the experience and even if it helps us decided that maybe that it isn’t for me and gives me a new direction.  All we can do is try our best and appreciate the opportunity, no matter how large or small the job is. I believe I should always put in 100% effort and represent our school and ourselves to the best of our ability. 

Most importantly, enjoy it!


- Emma Moulton


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