School ICT Network

The computer network at Great Torrington School has grown considerably over recent years. What was once a single computer room with only six BBC computers has evolved into a school wide network with 450 computers spread over all curriculum areas.

The network is supported by an ICT Network Manager, ICT Technician and an ICT Apprentice; they work closely with the ICT Curriculum team and the Senior Leadership team to ensure the students have the best facilities to achieve the highest results.

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We have a secure site-wide wireless network to enhance the physical network which allows the use of laptops and mobile devices all over the school. Some subject areas have chosen to use laptops to give them flexibility in their classrooms whilst others have chosen desktops for enhanced speed and reliability.

At the core of the network we have five dedicated ICT suites plus an Apple Mac music room. Most of these are in air conditioned rooms with all the facilities you would expect. We have a fast fibre infrastructure with up to date servers to ensure access is kept fast, and secure, at all times. We also act as a ‘hub’ site for other schools in the area which ensures that we have the fastest possible internet connection at all times.

To enhance the electronic learning in school we have projectors and sound in every classroom with interactive whiteboards in 75% of them. This summer we are introducing a new whole school managed print solution to ensure our print quality is consistent whilst keeping our costs to a minimum, all students are given a print quota sufficient for all their curriculum needs. Additional print credits can be purchased at any time via the ICT department.

All students at GTS have their own email account which is also accessible out of school via a web interface. We have our own email server to ensure we retain full control of electronic messaging and so the students are exposed to an industry standard email solution. File access is also available via an internet utility accessed via the school website which allows students to work from home providing they have internet access.

We are using industry standard software with Windows 7 and Office 2013 deployed throughout the school which is further enhanced with many other industry standard software packages such as Adobe Web Premium CS4, Sibelius v5, Crocodile Clips plus many more

The network is secure with strict internet filtering in place; we can monitor all computer based activities using a number of utilities to ensure we keep the students secure and safe. Classroom control is further enhanced using student monitoring and control software. E-Safety is taken very seriously in the school where we continually strive to provide our pupils a safe environment in which to undertake a positive learning experience. All our pupils partake in a range of tutorial work to enable them to make informed choices to follow a healthy lifestyle. Outside agencies such as the police work alongside to provide expertise and advice on a regular basis.